Recommend a can for a AR15

Moving to a free state FINALLY. 1st order of business is buy a shitload of NFA items (SBR, suppressors, etc)

look for a suppressor for .223 or .556 , I also want to build a 300blk sbr or ar pistol depending how the brace thing goes.

lastly, god willing, I wanna get a AR10. hopefully I can get one before libtards ban everything




The best part of waking up!

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SilencerCo Omega

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I believe Delta makes the quietest

Get at least a .30 cal can so you can shoot larger calibers, too.

Also, fuck paying for the stamp and waiting to SBR a pistol when braces are still legal. I’ve got an SBR and braced pistols and the difference is cosmetic.


Surefire SOCOM RC2

I would recommend the closed tine warcomp but the forked one will work too, they just ring if you don’t have a can on them.


Agree with above. Surefire RC2. There are some that are quieter. Others with a better mount. Some with less backpressure. And yet others that are more durable. But the Surefire is the best combination of the above.


thanks all

brace aint gonna be legal for long. that cock sucker who’s a anti gun lobbiest in charge of the atf will see to that … pending lawsuits

Can’t really give a review because my can is still in jail, but I just bought a Dead Air Sandman S. I like the design of the quick detach muzzle device. Some look like shit without the can. Plan on running it on my 556 AR15, my 308 AR10, and a 6.5 PRC bolt action. Should be able to quickly switch back and forth. And it was in stock.

A lot of options I was considering, like the Omega, were not. The clock doesn’t start until the cans at your FFL, so a six month wait on a B/O + the 8-10 month wait on the feds would suck pretty hard.

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well that sucks

CGS Helios

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Those are some great guys making quality shit

Remember, Trump did shit for us.

Should have gotten the HPA passed when he had both houses of Congress.


You can get the Omega 9 and it will work for your blackout and 9mm needs. It’s an amazing can!! GET IT NOW


Brugger & Thomet


Trump was not a great on 2A, but at least he’s not actively trying to dismantle it. Suppressors should be available over the counter without so much as a 4473, let alone a fucking tax stamp.

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What barrel length are you running?

Great recommendation and taste in cans @Fighting

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