Recommend a can for a AR15

I just ordered a Dead Air Sandman for my AR

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Check out Pew Science and let the data speak for itself, not just recommendations based usually on what people have (to justify the expense).

CGS is top tier.


Texas is attempting to pass some legislation on TX made cans. Basically if a can is made in the state and sold in the state to a state resident, the feds can’t be involved because it’s not interstate commerce. Then they would make it to where you can buy one OTC, no paperwork needed.


IIRC montana was gonna try that with full autos. it went nowhere because it was a pipe dream

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i have a 18, a 16, and I wanna build a 10 sbr

Threads like this remind me of how much I want the NFA repealed.


Go 11.5 or better. A marked increase in dwell time which in terms aids reliability, it makes it easier to gas the gun which is easier on the wear and tear and of course the increase in velocity.

If you go up to 12.5, you can generally get away with running one of the smaller cans. Which if you are planning on using it your other guns as well is a plus, lets you have good performance and keeps you from having a full on musket.

kind of looses the whole SBR. hell, a 4in can brings me to 16OAL which will bring me to like 34 or 36 whatever the min OAL for it NOT to be a SBR

I have an lwrc 8” piston, runs fine. The lost velocity concern is way over blown and even it wasn’t, it’s irrelevant to 99% of any real world applications.

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Barrel length is what determines an SBR or not. IE under 16 inches. Not OAL. Unless you are talking under 26 inch OAL for a rifle. For instance why lots of bull pups have 17 inch barrels, to keep them over 26 inches.

There is a reason pretty much only cloners are going 10.5 these days. I have a 10.5 for my house gun, and I will never buy or build another one. No point to it unless you are doing a clone build.

Like I said, at least go 11.5. If you plan on running the same can on everything go 12.5.

Puts you at under 17 inches.

Otherwise even with a dedicated can, you are still at basically the same length at around 16.5 or greater.

In to learn.

Yes and no. Not in 5.56/.223

You can get things like .223 gold dot to expand marginally at those velocities , but it still greatly reduces anything you can use for anything other than punching paper or ringing steel, even at up close and social distances.

5.56/.223 is heavily velocity dependent in regards to terminal performance. The heavier rounds that have lower fragmentation velocity are too heavy to get to speed etc.

The gassing issues become less of an issue, but velocity is king with the aptly named small caliber high velocity rounds lol.

Don’t buy a can before going there.


SBR are barrel length under 16 OR OAL < 26.

Correct. Even with a 16 inch barrel, if it has a stock and is under 26" OAL its an SBR.

and thats my concern

Well unless you are buying a bull pup( which tend to have slightly longer than 16 inch barrels just for this reason) its not a concern.

If you are SBRing something like you mentioned, its a non issue.

my concern is having something small enough for home use tight quarters

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