Recommend a can for a AR15

11.5 “pistol” then SBR it on a form one if you wanna go that route. Turn around is about a month.

RC2 Mini

And to the above gents, I went for my first can an all around can that I can use for anything. .308, .30 cal, 300 black out, 5,56, etc etc. But goddamn it’s 12 inches, much like my dick, so you stick this on a 12.5 pistol and it looks stupid.

Incredibly balanced still, shoots like a top, but it will look top-heavy and ugly.

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thats what the plan is

Im familiar with the FBI gel testing and GD soft points and gmx type bullets penetrate to 12” or more and have a very good neck and expansion on 8-10” barrels. has great gel test videos on it.

Again though, in the real world self defense application youre engaging from what a few feet to 15 yards??? Having an 8 ,9,10,11 “ barrel is irrelevant at those distances , hit anybody center mass with a good round and it’s massive damage , + -300fps makes no difference.

Now, in a military setting where you’re set up on a vantage point say a roof top and are picking off people at 40 plus yards, yeah now that matters. But that’s not real life.

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Man, 45 feet away inside a house is pretty far, isnt? 10 or 15 ft room is avg isnt it?

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Exactly, you wouldn’t even engage with somebody at the distances where the velocity drop even matters.

That still doesnt mean I dont want the performance that 23-2650 nets you VS under that. Especially if you are using something that fragments.

For a poor, maybe.

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