Recommend a good bodyfat % scale?

I want to buy a scale that will also give
body composition readings. It doesn't have to be
fancy (and can't be expensive), just a simple scale
with a bioelectrical impedance measurement. It would
be nice if it included bodyfat% settings for athletes
in addition to everyone else so that I could use it
too, but that is secondary.

It's for a x-mas gift for my fiancee, who has recently
lost weight and can now face getting on the scale.

Any recommendations?

Those things are pretty inaccurate. Get your self some calipers and take measurements.

I know how accurate they are. I've already stated what I want; I'm looking for a good recommendation for that. Basically I want a scale, and bodyfat reading is a nice plus.

if you know how accurate they are why you asking for advice? Goto the store and buy one. This way when you fiance gets on and it miss-reads her BF, she can get all bummed ot about it.

There are no stores where I live, everything has to be mail-order.

This way when you fiance gets on and it miss-reads her BF, she can get all bummed ot about it.And you do realize that bioimpedance bf tests are almost exactly the same as calipers for people with high-moderate to low activity levels? And that bioimpedance, in addition to bf, also gives information on body composition such as water content, lean mass, and base metabolic rate? Instantly and without doing any calculations? Calipers themselves are not perfectly accurate, but what is important is to always do the measurements with the same device, that way you can track your improvement.Besides, I've already got calipers for myself, and we do not have a scale.

No stores...shit man, where do you live. Do you have access to a place that can do Hydrodensitometry? Get a scale and do a comparrison.
I see what your saying about it not having to be as accurate as long as she will be able to see changing results in the long run.

Do you have access to a place that can do Hydrodensitometry?lol. I live in a tiny Eskimo village in a remote part of Western Alaska. Will be travelling to Anchorage and Fairbanks for x-mas, but by then it'll be too late. I will do a comparison with my calipers.

Ok, I didn't know you lived in that secluded type of place. LOL
I'll see what type of info I can find. Did you check out Target, Walmart or Circuit City websites?

I did a little searching on Amazon and read a couple of reviews, but for here I was just wondering if anyone had good personal experiences with any models.

I have had no good experiences with any of these devices, other than as a typical scale. This includes the Tanita, which I believe is the most popular.

Even by bio-impedance testing standards, these are weak tests.

If you must get one, go with the Tanita.

I don't care how accurate it is in reporting my fat, but I use mine to gauge progress. As of calipers, I'm about 13/14% or so...but the scale shows 22. So if I'm 20 the next day....

Get my point?

Get a set of accumeasure calipers (which aren't bad) and use the scales for everyday tracking.

bodyfat scales are just as accurate as using calipers because they both suck.

if you want to know your bodyfat go to a lab and get in the Bod Pod or a dunk tank or if you have a bone density lab they can normally tell you your bodyfat. Look for universities in your area that have health sports science departments, they are always doing studies and have accurate equipment. truth is, most scales cant even tell you your weight accurately much less your bodyfat %. bod pod is the most convienent incase you are wondering.