Recommend a Laptop

Time for a new laptop.

Some must-haves:

-2GB of memory minimum

-64 bit processor support

-Windows Vista compatible

-100GB hard drive minimum

-DVD burner

I don't do anything that requires a really powerful machine (no gaming, video editing, etc.) and I rarely, if ever, use customer service so I don't need a premium machine and don't care much about customer support. In general, I'm just looking for something stable and something I won't have any compatibility issues with down the line.

I'd like to spend somewhere around $1500. Of course, a good value that's cheaper would be even better.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Thanks Peixes. I've done some shopping around at those sites. I know some guys around here have been through a lot of machines and some have worked at these companies. Was looking for some personal recommendations. Sometimes a company has a good rep but when you use the product it turns out differently.