Recommend a PS2 game (stealth)

I just got done with Manhunt and really thought the stealth thing was really cool. Any recommendations of a good game like this. MGS: Snake Eater looks cool, anything to hold me over?

Hitman 2 is pretty hardcore for stealth. Your ultimate goal is to let no one see you, ever. Not even the guys you kill. I like it, but like most stealth games, there's lots of time spent just watching guys walk through their routines, planning your move.

Mark of Kri was actually very heavy on the stealth. Lots of sneaking, sniping, and cutting throats, then they'll throw 10 guys at you for some melee fighting, and then back to stealth for a while. It was fun, even if it did get retardedly hard at the end.

MANHUNT, that is the best stealth game, that's what Tenchu should have been like.

Haven't played Manhunt, but Hitman 2 is better than all the other games mentioned.

Hitman 2 was great. Haven't tried manhunt yet.

new tenchu coming out soon

hitman 2 is always good

If you have a multitap and occasionally have a group of people over for PS2 gaming, I highly recommend "WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth".

I rented it for Super Bowl weekend (an annual out-of-town gathering for me and my friends). We could not stop playing the Royal Rumble portion of the game.

We had 4 controllers, the game is limited to 6 in the ring at one time max, so we would start with the 4 of us, not beat on each other, then we'd pound on the computer guys that would come into the ring. Usually all hell would break loose and our truce would end with us all beating the crap out of each other.

It was good fun. I can't tell you how the other portions of the game are though because we only did the Royal Rumble part.

The game is a "Greatest Hits" game now too so it is fairly cheap.

Socom 2 has some stealth elements and is really fun.