Recommend a school in...

Dallas, Texas.

im moving to Dallas. could you guys pls recommend a good bjj/submission school in the area and also, please add reason why you recommended it.

thanks so much.


It's pretty simple imo. Carlos Machado. He's a great coach. It's a great training enviroment. He's an awesome BJJ Black Belt.

The other option, is Travis Lutter (one of Carlos' Black Belts). Travis is a great BJJ'er, one of the best Submission Wrestlers in the US and a successfull MMA fighter. Another great choice.



any idea how much the rates are in carlos' and travis' school?

thanks again.

Carlos Machado:

Travis Lutter:

There's also Carlos Machado Black Belt Robert Defranco.
He teaches at DFW Gun Club on Mockingbird. The website is I believe.

Carlos Machado - North Dallas - - One of the best instructors in the world. All of the other top instructors are his students or where his students at some point.

Robert DeFranco - Downtown Dallas - - one of Carlos' black belts. Newer gym but several purples and a few blues train out of Rob's. One of the best places to train for the money.

Travis Lutter - (Irving) - One of Carlos' black belts. Total badass. Recently beat Ryron Gracie and David Avellan to win Submission Challenge. Also fights MMA.

Orlando Waugh - (Arlington) One of Carlos' black belt. Super technical. Great teacher. Has a very unorthodox game so you get to feel things from a different perspective.

Saekson Janjira - (Plano) One of the best Muay Thai instructors in the world. Really tough guys who are getting into some MMA. Pete Spratt trains out of his gym.

There are a few other places around but if he is looking for BJJ or Muay Thai these are the guys I would go to.

I'm pretty sure Saekson's is about 70/month

Saekson Janjira / Team Janjira Muay Thai
3033 W. Parker Road, #202
Plano, TX 75023
(214) 683-5689

the url for the muay thai part is

and the bjj part of the school is

Isn't there a Jacare affiliate there?

What up Rodney?

You are right, I need to be training. Unfortunately, I am extremely lazy.

In Dallas Carlos Machado is the best. He has taught myself, and everyone in the area, and most of Texas in one way or another. You are welcome to try out my Academy in Lewisville, about 15 Minutes north of Dallas on 35E. I teach BJJ, Muay Thai, and NHB. I also have free Weight training, 8 large heavy bags, etc, for around $95.00 a month unlimited training. Thanks Tery Black Belt


JD Shelley, a bjj black belt under Jacare runs NDBJJ. They train out of the same place I believe as Saekson Janjira.

Guy Mezger has a school in dallas....don't know exactly where...but i'm sure someone here knows.


guys, thanks so much for the inputs. i really appreciate them. i hope i can find the right school for me when i move to dallas and meet you guys.

One of my boys use to train with Lutter, he says he's a great guy with good skill. check him out.
Rich Clementi