Recommend a sports game on the 360.

I have a $70 gift certificate for Best Buy and I think I'm going to pick up a game today. It doesn't have to be a sports game but I've got a good FPS in Halo and a great fighting game in Street Fighter II so I think I'd probably get the most out of a sports game.

Are any of the tennis or baseball games that are out right now really solid? I don't have a driving game, that could be cool too. If it has nothing to do with sports or driving and it's amazing I'd still like to hear about it. Thanks.

 For driving, GRID is a good choice. I haven't tried Top Spin 3 yet but I liked the original on Xbox.

Yeah, I played Top Spin 1 and 2 on the original xbox and liked them a lot. I tried the Top Spin 3 downloadable demo and I wasn't all that impressed. They'd changed it quite a bit from 1 and 2. I definitely didn't give it enough time to give it a fair shake though.

What's GRID? Is that an acronym? If so, what's the full name?

Nevermind, I found it on IGN. 8.7, nice! I have to read more about it but this looks promising. Thanks.

Grid is one of the best driving games to come out in awhile,cant go wrong with it.

If you like hockey buy NHL 09 on September 9. Last year's game won numerous sports game of the year awards and 09 is looking even better.

Nascar 09 is great is you are a Nascar fan

Thanks. I do like hockey games and I don't have one for the 360 yet. I'm not a Nascar fan but I've looked at it before when looking at games at Best Buy and it appeals. I think I was looking at it last year but it didn't get a great score from IGN so without much else to go on I passed. A minute ago I looked at some reviews quickly and the general concensus was that this years Nascar was an improvement over last year's. GRID is still a strong candidate as is EUFA (?) Soccer.

college football 2009

Canooke, have you downloaded the demos for them? GRID and Nascar 09 are downloadable, but not NHL 09 yet (should be up soon). You can try the NHL 08 demo though as it will be similar to 09, except 09 will be better.

No, I haven't downloaded them. Didn't know they were available. I just checked and they have an EUFA Euro 2008 demo too. Thanks man.

I should have thought of that :)

lol no problem.

Nascar 08 was a horrible game. '09 has fixed all those issues and is a great game

I like Tiger Woods '08.

Try Skate.
Try Fight Night Round 3.
Or save a little and buy Rock Band.

Have fun.

I played the Nascar 09 and GRID demos. They are both good but I like GRID better. I think I'll probably pick that one up.

FatChrist, I have Fight Night Round 3, we've played lol Maybe this will jog your memory: I beat you with a stick and move style and you hate me for it. Thanks for the other suggestions :)

I don't hate you. I just don't think it is fun to play with you.

Try Skate and/or Rockband. They are a lot of fun.

I'm fun damn it!!!

I'll check out Skate. Thanks.

Fight Night

Pro Evo Soccer