Recommend a top-of-line notebook?

I've been all over reading reviews. Anyone have any thoughts on notebooks? Anything you'd love to get, or hate with a passion. Especially any admins that have to deal with crappy hardware at work - I'm interested in your opinions.

an Apple Powerbook G5 when it comes out, but I don't think that would help you. ;)

what exactly are you looking for? Desktop replacement, long battery life, small form factor?

Yeah let us know what your requirments are and we can help you better. Generally the way I've heard it, Dell and IBMs are great, Sony and others are really good. However if you were asking about a Mac I figured you would've said so (and probably owuldn't have been asking the question) so I didn't mention them

One of the main questions is that what do you need? A portable workstation like most of the popular lap-tops are these days or a really small energy efficient lap top to take with you allmost anywhere?


Hp has a AMD64 Notebook out now, and u can customize it to ur liking, low wattage

I got an DELL inspiron 8200 a while back, the newer models kick ass. These are more as desktop replacements as opposed to laptops (15in 1600x1200 screen), they're friggin heavy. The thing to watch for is that video card upgrades are not supported by DELL (they're being really bitchy about it too).

My girlfriend got an IBM t40. That's a real laptop, 5 hour battery and light as a feather. Decent screen too (14in 1400x1080).

I want a desktop replacement with a ton of horsepower. 1 GB mem. Not sure about XP Media Edition, is that easy to leverage if I just have digital cable TV? I know dick about that OS.

I'd like the hyperthreading, lots of mem because like all of you anti-MS people say, MS tools are pigs. :-)
Yeah, I'm an MS developer, but I'm not naive about how bulky their tools are. I use VS.NET 2003 running IIS to do ASP.NET development, always running Outlook and lots of browser windows. Games are cool, but I'm not a mega gamer. But I'd like to be able to play some of the latest and greatest. For example, my current PC has a VooDoo 5 card - lol. Hey, it's done the job. But this new game I have requires an NVidia utrahypermegabadass9000 or some shit.

Let me know what you guys think. Money is no object; I'll spare no expense.


ok, if you need a desktop replacement with tons of power and not a ton of battery life...

go with the Athlon 64 3000 mobile chip.

you can probably get one with a ATI 9600 Mobile, which is the best on the market right now IIRC.

that chip is stomping Hyperthreaded Xeons.

you'll also get NX memory security protection with the latest version of XP for 64 bit (with SP2) when it comes out.

it will suck huge amount of juice, though, so don't expect much battery life.

if you need battery life, get a 1.8ghz or above Pentium M... they run very fast (at around equivalent to a 2.7-2.9 ghz P4).

Voodoo PC has the Pentium M's in laptops and a good reputation.

(edited to correct mistakes.)

Rob has haxored the CORRECT again

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's not much software written to take adv of that processor is there? Thanks for the feedback

not yet, but there will be in the future.

MS is bringing out Win XP 64 for x86-64 first... then probably Unreal will release their next game with 64 bit support.

Hey Bro if you want a notebook that is totally pimped out check out one of the alienware laptops, they have some crazy specs. TTT

So far, I like:Gateway M675XL
Dell Inspiron XPS
HP ZD7000 (w/17" screen)