Recommend an amp

I really love the sound of the Fender Vibroking and super reverb.

Is there anything that can give me a bitching sound like that without costing me my life savings?

I'm not sure what the best amps are, but we have a vintage-Fender amp (in yellow) that just needs some new tubes.

It just sits there though, gets no use at all.

Peavey Classic line isn`t too bad for the dough..


we have a vintage-Fender amp (in yellow) that just needs some new tubes.

I guess you'll need my mailing address?



Whoa, that stack looks pretty intense.

I just played a Marshall jcm 800, wicked sound! I need something  a little more portable though.



Hillbilly is correct, Beav. A Peavey Classic can be had pretty cheap and they are a decent straight forward tube amp.

Maybe a used Fender Hot Rod Deluxe(40 watts) or DeVille(60 watts)? My Deluxe sounds pretty nice and responds well to most pedals I have run through it.

Try the Fender Vibrolux. 40 watts and 2 10 inch speakers. I love these things. THey just grind if you crank them. Alot cheaper than the VibroKing.

The Peavy classics don't sound that fendery to me. I'd stick with the Fender Hot Rod series before the Peavy Classic series (and I'm a Peavey guy, 5150II HAlfstack and 5150 Combo)

tj tapper

All of a sudden I'm sold on the Marshall sound, my Les really sang through that thing.

i have a PV classic 20 - it aint bad - some guitars sound better through it then my marshall. some dont.

check out groove tube - they have some cool ass stuff that make you sound like your playing a marshall on 10, but at 3 cuts the power of your amp in 1/2

they also have single tube head that makes you sound like your playing a tweed champ or princeton or someshit

Damn hard to beat the super reverb.