recommend any bow companies?

i'm interested in getting into archery again (shot in high school). does anyone recommend any bows in the lower price range, under 400? what are the good manufacturers these days? thanks.

I'd be interested in learning about this too. I've been thinking about getting into bow hunting.

Fingers or release?


The kind with arrows that kill shit.

release is for pussies.


Have a look on Ted Nugent's site.

is release like a crossbow? what's the link for nugent's site?


a release is a device that you use to pull the string back and release the string. used for consistency. pussies like nameless uses them as he needs his tender fingers for his desk job.

while i don't use a release nor sights.


oh yeah, i've seen that the olympics i think? in HS, they made use fingers, but it wasn't a pulley type of bow either.

ideally, i'm looking the one that both the cheapest and most accurate.


Nugents site


a stick with a string can be accurate.


still no one has xp with brands? i googled that you need more than a 40pd pull to kill game bigger than a deer?

I just got serious into archery hunting a couple years ago. My dad gave me his old bow made by PSE. It still shoots great and it is going on 15 years old. At the time it was new tech, now there is better stuff. I would guess PSE is a pretty reliable brand. I'm sure you could get one decked out with sights, rest, quiver, and release for $400.

Fiber optic sights are very nice under low light conditions. For accuracy purposes I noticed an improvement in switching to a release from fingers. If you got the $ get carbon fiber arrows, they are very durable, light, and fly like fn bullets.

As for a rest, for target shooting I'd suggest a drop away rest. For hunting I'd suggest a new thing called a whisker biscuit. It holds your arrow in place while moving, making it much easier to stalk an animal.

Tink Nathan used to have some of the sweetest bows ever.

He's in the washington DC area.

You should also pick up his #69 doe in rut lure.

i'm more interested in hunting archery, so i guess olympic archery isn't the priority.

probably in my city, it's a better set up for target archery; there are a few ranges at the universities. although there were a lot of hotties in the female archers OG thread.

so bottomline, i'm good with anything right now, in that i just need the practice. but the bow i eventually plan on buying would be a hunting bow (without the aweful camo colours, i have a theory on that).

check out "sighting in" websight - tv show on oln

look for impossible shots link - find the archary dude

PSE, Hoyt, Bowtech and Matthews.... All great bow manufacturers... I've been shooting archery for about 5 years now. Most everyone shoots with a release because of the consistancy of shooting with one... Not to mention the fact that 99% of compound bows designed today are designed around relase shooting.

Just find one you like in your price range and start shooting. You can typically get a lot of assistance from your localy archery shop as well.

I shoot a 70 lb recurve. Compounds are for women.