Recommend Basics Book

I'm having a bit of trouble with Hold em Poker by Sklansky. Can anyone recommend a more basic book that may help? Is this book as basic as it gets? LOL, I haven't played much poker in my lifetime and it's really showing.

Just take the book one concept at a time.

PR, I get the feeling that I'm not playing enough hands.

Also, when I do follow the strategy and play the right ones, someone usually has something better. Hopefully practice will change this. I'll try taking it one concept at a time though, thanks.

That was the first poker book I got and it's too complicated IMO for your first book.

Get "Winning Low Limit Poker" by Lee Jones. Then you can come back to the Sklansky book and appreciate it a lot more.

"PR, I get the feeling that I'm not playing enough

You are almost certainly wrong.

I guess so Fraser :)

jman, I may have to pick it up.