Recommend Best Steel Toe Boot for work

Need to retire my Timbo 6" arse kickers.

Any recommendations? Work in Construction, so safety, comfort, durability, are priority. They will be dirty, scuffed up to death in a couple weeks so looks is not a priority.

Timberland were always long lasting for me.

I just went through a pair of Carolinas. Pretty nice and comfortable.

My dad has done long haul trucking and run a landscaping business for 40 years. Never goes to work without Red Wing steel toe boots.

I’ve worn Dakota iron workers for years.

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go composite fuck steel

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Any recommendations for standing/ walking on cement all day? No need for a safety toe.

I’ve been on Carhartt’s last couple pair ( don’t know who makes them ) but they’ve been pretty good. I’ve tried them all in the last 25 years and they all suck. Not a fan of Red Wings either.

I bought the EXOS Lite from Red Wing about 3 months ago with their best insoles and it like walking on marshmallows everyday at work. Not the coolest looking boot but I don’t care about that. I told the salesman I wanted the lightest most comfortable boot and he pointed me towards those with the BOA lace system. I get a $200/year boot allowance so it was a no-brainer.

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Redwing all day, 15 years 7 pair, lots of options

Carolinas are pretty good. Wolverine is a pretty good cheap boot. I would not recommend Chippewa, they are super comfortable but fall apart.

I wear Silverado’s Made in USA and they hold up great

Danner. I like the Quarry style. Put some superfeet insoles in and you’ll be good to go for a few years.

I have yet to find anything that doesnt leave my feet hurting at the end of the day. Good luck.

I like the blundstones mostly because I can’t be bothered to tie them up, they’re pretty comfortable as well.

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I wear Keen composite toe shoe in the warmer weather and Blundstone composite toe boot in the colder weather. They feel very different on the foot but both are quite comfortable. I am a big fan of Keen footwear in general.

It takes, for some, a while of trial and error to find the right fit. Some times just changing the insole makes a world of difference.

After years of 60 hrs work weeks and painful feet I found the Ariat Sierra Saddles. They fit my foot perfectly. After about 2 months I change the insole and they last at least a year. They get put through a hell of molten steel too.

Every time I’ve ordered a pair I’ve gotten them in 2 days. I ordered a pair during this past Christmas week on a Monday and I had them on Wednesday. Free shipping too. So I’m a little biased

Thank you and VU.

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I have been wearing a pair of Timberland’s for 3 years and still holding up great. They are a damn good boot. Pricey but worth it.