Recommend Horror Movie

Something I can catch on Netflix or at Redbox. Thanks!

Just watched sinister.... Was good! Phone Post

on Netflix

Let the Right One In
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (comedy/horror)

M. Butterfly.

Dude was fucking another dudes butt for like 5 years and thought it was a woman.

Oh shit, it was worse than I thought... It was 20 years, he thought "she" was pregnant ("she" bought a baby) and this relationship went on for TWENTY years... and it's a TRUE STORY.

I've seen all of these except for M Butterfly. Not sure I'm ready for that level yet.

Cabin in the Woods if it's an option. Thought it looked stupid when it released, then watched recently and loved it. Bought the Blu Ray even.

The perfect host Phone Post 3.0

The Brood Phone Post 3.0

No you had it right the first time. The movie may be called Rare Exports, but when you're talking about old man wieners, it's all about importing with this group

Grave encounters Phone Post

DrunkSender -
Right Hand JO Power - Grave encounters Phone Post
Is the second one good Phone Post 3.0

Not really. Phone Post

The Descent

Switchblade Romance aka Haute Tension (Subtitled)

Two great films, both atmospheric and worth a watch.

In Phone Post