Recommend hosting company!

My hosting company is the worst, I don't really want to go into detail because this post would become huge. I need a hosting company that I can also do my domain registration with (I am tired of having them separate), handles php, at least a gig a month of transfer, decent diskspace for my site, and that is reliable. Anyone have any suggestions?

I've used for a while and have always been happy with them.

Do they have shell access? Is the customer service good? Cleverdot does not seem to answer their emails very quickly and they don't list a telephone support number. That was the final straw with my last company.

I'm using Pretty good, IMO. 40 GB/month transfer, 800 MB storage, 1 SQL database, FTP, 999 POP3 emails, unlimited email forwarding and autoresponders, domain registration, 15 subdomains, PHP, etc. You can have to automatically set up a bulletin board, chatroom, or mailing list. Pretty much all the bells and whistles. You can always pay for extra stuff, of course.

Customer service is good. They even have a (huge) public forum where you can read everyone's problems/solutions as well as post your own questions. There are staff members on the board all the time. I have never called them...only used the board. The longest time I had to wait before getting an answer is about 45 minutes.

$8/month. There are cheaper plans out there, but it's nice to have that bandwidth freedom.

Lunarpages looks good. Everything I am looking for. I am going to do some more research. Thanks for the tips guys., nuff said.

ALL Our plans provide you with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts, and they start at JUST $15.00/mo.

Lunar pages does not allow you to choose your own username which is annoying. They also charge more for domain registration than anyone else I have looked at. Fin, does your company allow users to choose their own usernames? What is admin online interface like? Do you have an example?