Recommend house music

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if you guys can recommend some house music. I'm really not sure what kind it is but here's some cd names of the stuff I like:

Tunnel vs. Soundfactory

Club Exit

NY Deepest Hardest

I came across these by accident and I have no idea what I'm looking for. Thanks very much,


i used to go to montclair state in NJ and some guy used to come and sell some cd's and cassettes of club music. they were pretty cool and cheap. don't know the names but probably my favorite house remix was "The Bomb".... when i was younger i think freestyle was also called club music.. never liked it though. another old school: jungle brothers had an awesome song but can't remember the name.. i would gues it was "I'll house you".. or "Girl, I'll House You"

"She's a BRICK-HOUSE! Sorry that's all I could think of.

not sure of the CDs u listed...
but for House, try the following DJ/producers:

Roger Sanchez

Junior Sanchez

Danny Tenaglia

DJ Sneak

Mark Farina

Derrick Carter

David Morales

Donald Glaude

Todd Terry

Dimitri From Paris

Lil Louis Vega

Masters At Work

Frankie Knuckles