Recommend me a car 50,000k or less

I want something used. Wife drives a 2013 Mercedes gl450. I drive an older Silverado z-71. Both paid off. I want something sporty. No kids yet so 2 door is fine. Looking at a 2010 Porsche 911 but want some other opinions. Basically I want something fast with nice vallet appeal. Yes, I am a douchebag. Paid off all my loans other than mortgage. Would like something fun before we have kids.
Thank you in advance!

"Yes i am a douchebag"

Try a saab, or any convertible. Phone Post 3.0 1994 it would have been one of the most expensive cars out there


One of us will be very happy. Phone Post 3.0

assuming you meant $50K instead of $50MM, why not get look for a competitively priced GT-R to play around with.

I wish I had money. Phone Post 3.0

72 Dodge Challenger....440

Kin9ofdaburbs-got-Toewsed - I wish I had money. Phone Post 3.0

Don't wish...write it down and picture it:)

I love my G37 sedan. 330hp, black leather, navigation, bose, backup cam, heated seats...fully loaded in other words.

Not sure if it the valet guys will suck your dick over it, but with the programmable seat settings, you can press a button and be in the optimum position at a moments notice to be blown by said valet guy(s). Phone Post 3.0

Lotus Elise Phone Post 3.0

C6 Z06, newer M3, Cayman GTS, 2016 Ford Mustang GT350. Phone Post 3.0

Audi S4 Phone Post 3.0

2011 or 2012 M3. I scooped up a 2011 last year for $49k with 26k miles on it. Its a really fun weekend car. I am also a douchebag. Phone Post 3.0

You're already looking at a 911 and want other suggestions? Why? Phone Post 3.0

GTR is the right answer. Most bang for your buck. Phone Post 3.0

Porsche 993. Last of the air cooled engines & arguably the best/most reliable sports car ever made.

Used Jaguar XFR, XJR, XKR, F-Type R. 500HP with close to Lexus reliability. Will move like hell and still be usable with kids(XFR & XJR)

Used Lexus ISF.

Next year Jaguar will release the XE-S. Fully loaded will be just over $50k but will smoke the BMW 335. XE-R will be another year or two out to compete with the M3.

If you really need the attention whoring though, go find a Panoz Esperante, Lotus Esprit V8 Final edition, Lotus Exige S, DeTomaso Pantera, Aston Martin DB9, Viper GTS, & Acura NSX.

I got my Mercedes C400 for $43k.  TT V6, AWD, 330HP with much more power in tuning.  They are clearing them out to make room for the C450 AMG's (which are almost the same car), so if you jump on one now you can get a screaming deal.

all good suggestions. sorry for late thank you. this website had me login in about 5 times and then would crash.

Im digging the m3 suggestion.

Hard to beat a newer Corvette at that price point.

Here's a 2015 with 6K miles on it for 54K.......


How about this classy little number?  I'd expect many a valet to park this right up front no questions asked!