Recommend me a motorbike

Me like BMWs, Ducatis, Hondas, Suzukis

My main use is commuting. I would like something that is bombproof, stable and in terms of looks, I like smooth.

cp31, as a boxing fan I would be really offended at that if it weren't so damn funny

Ducati Monster S2R1000

Very fun ride!!

Good bombproof commuter? Kawasaki KLR650. Cheap to buy, cheap to
insure, easy to work on, and gets over 50 mpg.

SV650. Great comuter bike, lots of low end power, easy to handle. You may not be that crazy about the looks though.

looks just fine by me

Has there ever been a recumbent motorbike like below?

^^^ Watch Akira.

Honda shadow, just change oil every 1k or so and keep going

Is this your first bike?

This is what you want.

i rode a busa gsx1300r home last night. only two things you WILL get with this bike. Jail and or Dead!

this will be my first bike indeed.

I'm not a fan of Harley though.

is bimmer BMW?

and for the love of Jessica Biel, stop using Jargons! though I understood everything so far

triumph speed three is nice

Honda shadow 750

I also would like one with a good luggage capacity to carry this

or just get a car

The KLR650 looks pretty sweet. A little pricier than some of the other stuff I was looking at, but probably worth it.

Thomas Hamilton is correct, or get a Ducati 1098