Recommend me some exciting BJJ matches

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OG2006 -

This is the one with edgie brah right???. If so this the only bjj match I watched and I got so into it, great fucking match

Yes. Eddie Bravo cs Royler Gracie rematch. Eddie had a great triangle choke submission in the first match in a big upset. This was a highly anticipated rematch in the works forever. 


And Eddie did not disappoint. The lockdown to electric chair and the calf slicer / vaporizer and the neck cranks - awesome grappling in a high stakes match with moves you almost never see. Amazing performance again by Eddie. 

Yeah, and Leo viera would still easily run through both of them in the same night like their bracket at the ADCC he won and neither of them even placed in. 

IBJJF has been absolutely dumping their hard drive onto the internet lately and posting some AMAZING matches from 2008, 2009, etc major tournaments like Worlds and Pans. Tons of Roger and other big names. Just watched Calasans v Roger from 09, where Calasans ignores the over the back belt grab and hits a beatiful single but scrambles to try to stay out of Roger's closed guard and allows him back up and out of bounds. Then Roger does Roger things after Calasans pulls. Great match.