Recommend me some netflix documentaries

Well? Phone Post 3.0

There's a great documentary about real estate salesmen called Glengarry Glen Ross. Hurry up, it's getting dumped the first week in March, IIRC.

Dear Zachary

The imposter Phone Post 3.0

Watching "all this mayhem" right now. Pretty good so far Phone Post 3.0

Trailer park boys. Phone Post 3.0

Damnation is fucking great

HH Holmes is a good Doc 

Frontline has a ton of great stuff on there.

Almost all of the 30 for 30s

Go to and find the Documentary subcategory....It will sort via ratings and year and type of Doc

American drug war
Crude awakening
30 for 30s
Knuckleball! Phone Post 3.0

I'll 2nd rambo's instantwatcher recommendation. The only way to que. Phone Post 3.0

Forks over knives. Mind blowing for food habits. Just don't go vegan on me Bro. Phone Post 3.0

Battered bastards of baseball
Thin blue line Phone Post 3.0

Just watched Isolated the other day. It's about a group of feral surfers that go to Papua New Guinea. Narrated and produced by Ryan Filipino. It's really good I had no idea what was going on over there. Phone Post 3.0

Knuckle - about Irish bare knuckle fighters Phone Post 3.0

Ride the divide - a documentary on the nutters that ride from Canada to Mexico via the continental divide.  

It shows what an emotional journey it can be to physically destroy yourself day after day while simultaneously being almost completely alone throughout.  It's a freakin journey.

A lot of them aren't on Netflix Streaming any more. I tried to watch one last night and couldn't find anything I wanted to watch. Ended up watching one about the German U boats off the coast of North Carolina during WW2. Phone Post 3.0