Recommend membership/attendance software!

Hey guys, we've grown considerably over the last few years but there is still a lot of room for tightening up... especially with membership tracking/attendance/billing. With so many students walking through the doors, keeping track by face just doesn't cut it.

Do any fellow gym owners have recommendations for a good software program that will track:

Billing - Is the student's fees due? Is there a balance?

Membership - What kind of member/program are they in?

Attendance - When have they been to class? Are they coming more/less than they should be?

I also need the program to be compatible with a barcode reader. I want to do membership cards that I keep at the gym. The cards being the basis of how I'd like to track the above information.

Any ideas that aren't ridiculously priced?



Gym assistant

soooo easy to use, alot of great features and ad ons, check it out !