Recommend PC building websites

Do any of you know of any good websites that give explanations and directions and information on building PCs?  Everything from dealing with motherboards, RAM, etc...

I want to do some reasearch about that stuff... build my own PC...  My bro and cousins do it but they don't have time to help me out and they always say its always good to learn about it...  Thanks for any help... and their forum also and their forum I also like

Sharky's site will also have some guides where each month or so they try to make computers with different price ranges like best system for $1000 or less, best system with no price limit etc. CHeck it out, and you can save money on what they say if you already have stuff like a monitor or Windows CD

PAX, another thing you can do is check out prices at Fry's, Motherboards and Upgrades, PC Club or whatever you have local. I've ran into avg prices of RAM being close in every store except for one that was overstocked or behind on price changes and got a smokin' deal. Same with CPUs. Check out sites like, etc.

Whatever you do, get RAID! Best investment for speed ever. :-)

Cool thanks for the responses...

From my bookmarks back when I was building mine: has a good guide.