Recommend PC games...

...for christmas. got a brand new puter and thinking of getting a game (notice i said A game). criteria would be the folowing:

1)strategy or war game

2)looong, meaning MONTHS of playing

3)excellent graphics and/or sound

been a console gamer all these time and wanna see what's the big hoopla about pc games.

went to walmart and saw warcraft111 and something something generals.

any suggestions?

c&c generals will eat up tour time for sure. i just got zero:hour, the addon and it kicks ass.

Rise of Nations

I have been playing a lot of Halo recently. Only multiplayer, I don't play single player FPS.

Age of Kings kicks ass over everything...and Naughty Gorilla is correct.

Battlefield 1942.... Download the Demo... Its killer.

MuaySteve is correct - BF1942 is still the best.