Recommend really good RPG for PS3

Anyone have any recommendations for a kick-ass RPG for PS3? I've recently played Dragon Age (pretty good) and Demon's Souls (awesome), but I want something new now that I've finished those.

I love long games where your choices influence the game, like Knights of the Old Republic, etc.


all those games are amazing, but i can't remember which are on PS3 (obv not the first 3)

If you have a ok PC I recommend the Witcher: Directors Cut/Enhanced Edition. I have no idea about PS3 as it seems there isnt very many good RPG's for that platform

YA PC is where its at for Rpg.

I was gonna say the two u mentioned in original post. Have u played fallout 3 or fallout new Vegas? Oblivion is great as well. Phone Post

Heavy Rain Phone Post

The Witcher is on sale for 5 bucks on Steam right now!

 Valk Chronicles and Demon Souls are about all PS3 brings to the table in exclusives in the genre, beyond that Fallout 3 and New Vegas are fantastic.

TSMontana - No love for Final Fantasy XIII?

hell no. I have played pretty much every FF game that has hit the US since FF1 and beaten them all. THIS one here though I still have not finished and its out of shear boredom. Linear as hell, SHIT story, and the exact same grind battles over and over while traversing a straight path. Between this and the abysmal FF XIV, Square better get their shit straight w the next installment as this has been a shit year for them and the franchise.

And Demons Souls is the shit. I put it down to shoot through AC Brotherhood, but thats just due to the fact that Demons Souls is a experience that cannot be rushed.

Nothing is going to satisfy me like Demons Souls... which is sad.

Anyways, I ended up getting InFamous, which is actually really fun and cool story; and Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Haven't played AC yet, but hope its good.

Infamous is bad ass. Highly acclaimed. Loved Demons Souls.

Let me know how you like AC, might get that myself.

Also is Fallout NV worth it? Heard mix reviews.

Tales of Vesperia if you can find it.

It's a jRPG though in case you don't like them.

Valkyria Chronicles was great, personally I loved Eternal Sonata despite it's very classic fighting style though I got flamed for coming on here saying what a great game it was.