Recommend some sitcoms

Sometimes, I just want to watch 30 minutes of a relaxing sitcom that doesn’t require much mental effort.

Series that I’ve enjoyed recently: Community, Parks & Recreation, Silicon Valley, Superstore.

Any recommendations?

Schitt’s Creek, as long as you don’t mind teh gays. New Girl is about as mindless a sitcom there is, but pretty funny.

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Stewed is almost 90, why would you recommend a gay sitcom ?

Keeping up appearances
As time goes by

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It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia


King of Queens.

Pretty mindless and entertaining, especially the old fathers.


Cheers holds up.


• Seinfeld

• Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David makes me laugh.

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American Dad, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Always Sunny in Phily


Married… With Children


Young man, we had gays back 90 years ago, Of course, we called them “sodomites” back then, and they were made of sterner stuff than today’s la-di-dah, unbutton-all-13-buttons-on-your-navy-drawers, no-better-than-they-should-be “gays,” as you call them now. Back then, a “gay” could expect to get a dead bird stuffed down the front of his pants by a mob of jeering, mocking 9-year olds at least once a day. Land’s sakes, how we use to chivvy and harass them unmercifully!

And yet, I think those were better times for both the sodomites and us as well. Our “salad days” if you will. We will not see their likes again.


Will look into it.

Great show, but have seen all the episodes numerous times.

Good shows, but have seen them all. Looking for something a little more current.

Seen those. I actually watched an episode of Married With Children being taped back when I lived in L.A. Christina Applegate was smoking hot. I also played handball with Ed O’Neill once at the West L.A. YMCA. (he trounced me).


Seen most of those, not Bob’s Burgers.

Seinfeld and curb obviously.

I love old shows too like Andy Griffith show and leave it to beaver.

Good ones, but watched them all.

New Girl
Flight of the Conchords

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If you have Hulu, Modern Family. I think I’m on the one of the last season and didn’t watch it while it was on tv. It’s a fun modernish sitcom.

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Big fan of Flight of the Conchords, will look into New Girl & Atlanta, thanks