Recommend some sitcoms

Loudermilk. Ron livingston, will sasso, brian regan. AA group shenanigans.

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Holy shit, good recommendation! I’m laughing my ass off at the bald dad of three stumbling over his son’s hot girlfriend!

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Arrested Development.

Fuck, I hated that show.

Great list

Loved Game On and Father Ted

I’ll add The Inbetweeners.

Also, nobody mentioned 30 Rock yet? It was great for about 4 or 5 season’s iirc

Shit, I forgot The Inbetweeners! Greatness.

I’ll also add Man Down. Fucking hilarious.

I tried to like 30 Rock but I just can’t stand smug face Baldwin and I find Tracy Morgan really irritating

Lizzy Caplan, I love that nice titted bitch.

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Not technically a sitcom but close enough.

Some of my favorite sitcoms are Lost, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones, and Legion.