Recommend vmware over SAN?

Anyone runnning vmware on a SAN? Is this the best way to go? What do you guys recommend for good vendor?

ttt for rfquinn

You can also use Doubletake (Windows) or DRBD (Linux) and it may end up cheaper.

Doubletake is pretty standard s/w in the Windows world and MySQL AB offers support on DRBD so that is pretty mature in the Linux world.

We just tested doubletake and it worked out good. The price tag is expensive though $3,500 per server (standard). 5,3000 for the enterprise edition.

but you don't need a SAN for doubletake to get similar functionality, which is really where it saves you money, right? Assuming you don't have a SAN or are not looking for reasons to get rid o fyour SAN.

I thought rfquinn ran VMWare motion over SAN so ttt again for him.

Unfortunately, I'm waiting for our new SAN before I tie in any of our VMware servers. I'm installing our fifth ESX box later this week, and only using local storage is killing me.

tycoon - To answer your question, if you're running more than one ESX server, you should definitely look into using a SAN. (Or possibly a supported DAS box if you're only going to use two servers) It all really depends on what you want to do. You'll need shared storage between your servers to take advantage of DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler), HA (High Availability), or Vmotion. As for recommending a SAN vendor, there are a ton of choices out there. EMC, HP, and IBM are a few of the bigger players, but some of the smaller vendors have some really cool technology/features built in, like Xiotech and NetApp. Take your time on choosing your SAN solution - it can be a very complicated decision.

Give some details of your setup & what you want to do and we may be able to help out.

we are running a EMC SAN for 5 host (file server, mail server, replication mgr, application DB, and test application DB.

Doing tons of sch'd snaps and mounts. I'm not scripting them we paid an extra 5G for the RM Gui.

Now when ever somebody request for a backup, mount, copy/paste DONE. We don't lose nothing.

also i just expanded our LUN for our file server. went from 400G to 700G on the fly with everybody still accessing the File Server. That is incredible if you ask me.

There are some many more cool stuff i forget.

I take it your booting off your SAN? I have an equalogics SAN but I haven't booted off it yet.

Off topic question, but how many NICs do you guys have in your VMboxes?