Recommend Xbox games please

I just got one and i have KOTOR II and some NBA game.

I like adventure type games, fighters and RPGs.

hit me.

fighters? sould calibur 2 first.....then, fight night is a great boxing game.


im playing top spin right now. did it come with your xbox? its a great tennis game.

spiderman 2 looks better on xbox than ps2 its pretty good.

thief was a damn good game imo

but honestly, for fighting games, if you havent played it, check out soulcalibur 2.

there are a few others, but im having a brain fart here.

soul caliber2.

damn, i forgot about that.

i used to play soul edge in the arcade.

that is my next purchase. i'll check out that other stuff.

Halo 2 you fucking bitch!

yeah, i got halo 2 a couple days ago. you will love it im sure

check out burnout 3: takedown...

it's an arcade smash 'em up racer... not realistic but fun as hell.

shenmue2. ten bucks

Halo 2, Halo, 007 Everything Or Nothing,
Medal of Honor Frontline,

Morrowind is the only game you need.


Out later this year.

Since I am a rookie, I bought "Halo 2", "Call of Duty (Finest Hour)" thanks to Gamerground recommendations/reviews. "Chessmaster" for my own interest.

Riddick,Escape from butcher bay

Trivial Pursuit

Riddick. Burnout 3. Prince of Persia - Sands of Time. pre-played games man

ninja gaiden

crimson skies


soul calibur 2

Dead or Alive Ultimate

for starters

If you like fighting and adventure, then both the new Prince of Persia games combine them quite well. Sands of Time has better atmosphere, acting, and puzzles. Warrior Within has better fighting, story, and diversity. Both are awesome.

Since you like fighting and RPGs, Fable is another good choice. It's a fun RPG with a good combat system.

Morrowind is good too, it's a very detailed and open ended RPG. Equally good for playing the missions or just fucking around.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Gladius. That game was fun too.