Recommendation Needed for Photoshop

I don't want to pay for a program and want to learn a good, easy tutorial for photoshop...I'm no genius on the computer but I'm no dummy either...can anyone recommend an easy, free program online? I want to do stuff like superimpose faces on bodies, etc...the kind of stuff you see on here.???ANy ideas? Thanks in advance.

 There are a ton of good tutorials on YouTube.

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gimp, free, its a REALLY good photoshop clone, have alot of photoshop plug-in's clone to gimp standars as well as a wide user base so no question goes unanswered if you have a prob,.

I couldnt see any good tutorials for absolute beginners on Youtube

just type into google anything you want to know and it'll pop up explained a variety of different sites/media. gimp can be used for its basic paint operation or for photo manipulation, type gimp photo manipulation or gimp basics or gimp for (whatever you want to use it for), there's also lots of sites with add-ons to add functions to your gimp2 download...

youtube can be limiting, if at least search good videos so you can broaden your horizens

I agree with the other members with the "gimp" recommendation. For a free program it has a great range of features and is more user friendly than Photoshop.I would suggest checking out this website has tech tutorials on a broad range of programs.