Recommendations for affordable Liquor?

Looking to try some new things, price range is probably around $30 for a handle

Hook me up OG

Good whiskeys in particular is something Ive been wanting to try

Crystal palace vodka through a brita water filter.

Costco Phone Post 3.0

eljamaiquino - Costco Phone Post 3.0

Lismore is also a great single malt scotch for under 20 bucks.

Bro, you're doing it wrong.

Use Jenkem, it's really cheap and WAY better than alcohol.

Bulleit is a sold bang for your buck bourbon.

Tito's vodka

Can't think of a good cheap bourbon under $30 Phone Post 3.0

Night Train Phone Post 3.0

Old Crow or Thompson's. Phone Post 3.0

Bullet Proof Vodka

Caveman Vodka

Ten high Phone Post 3.0

Have you tried Black Cock? Phone Post 3.0