Recommended CCW Handguns and Carry Systems?

I have a Kel-Tec p32 that i use for concealed carry because i will carry it all the time because i barely even know it is there. I also have a grip laser on it. Functions reliably but of course it is only a .32acp.


Not all states are like the other. I still have a limited handgun roster in CA. You guys in other states have it easy. I’ll probably go with my Springfield XD, and my little Sig p238hd for front pocket. We can only have 2 handguns associated with the CCW.

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I have a Glock 27 and a shitty clip holster but I can’t carry anyway and I can hit the side of a barn with it.

If there was a mass shooting Id hide and shoot the guy in the back

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I carry an xdm-e everyday - strong-side OTW. When I’m riding two wheels, depending on where I’m going and who I’m with, I wear a Kenai Chest rig.

Really? What County? I have 5 listed on the license card, plus anoth 10 or so if they look it up. P365 with Wilson Combat grip mod is my primary, but a P238, Shield, & P2000sk are in my rotation

I conceal carry my glock 19 get a gun rated belt and a tight fit holster!


*carry concealed

I absolutely despise the “conceal carry” bullshit.

“I’m going to carry to conceal this fucker.”

“I’m going to conceal to carry this fucker.”

“I’m going to whatever random word this fucker.”

In California?? I thought you were limited to 2.

I’m in a central coast county.

P938 for me also. Tuck it up behind my iPhone11 and it’s handy but near invisible and reaching for it mimics reaching for my wallet.


J frame and a coat hanger


OC, as many as i want. I have most of my handguns listed so i can carry them unlocked if i want


yep. the OC is pretty relaxed when it comes to CCW. a few friends just applied today.

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Well you don’t say “carry open” either.

You’re correct, which is why my complaint is primarily about the tense of the word “concealed” in this instance.

I can think of a few counties that are 5.

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I got pulled over while carrying a while back. My CCW ID card only lists 5, and my P365 that he took into his possession wasn’t one of them. He hopped on his computer, saw it listed, then handed it back when done. My point is, you can have more than can be printed on the ID

Yep. Glock 19 or Sig P320

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It’s pretty clear in the paper work that the ccw permit only covers firearms on the card. If you are carrying a gun not on your card, you’re doing it illegally and you risk losing your permit and could face charges. I don’t see any issue with it personally but you shouldn’t be telling people it’s legal.

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Really nice set up, appendix carry?

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I have a Glock 19 and even that is too small for my hands. I carry a Glock 34, but it prints badly…

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