Recommended me some good new rap

I'm partial to some good rap music. Recommended me some good new rap to check out. Thanks OG Phone Post 3.0

Who did?

I like me some , Machine Gun Kelly- Laced up. Tech N9ne- something else. Hopsin- Raw, and Knock Madness. Yelawolf. As MadChild- Dopesick and Lawnmower man. Phone Post 3.0

Rittz bitch! Also, check out Wreckonize. Both off of Strange Music and both fucking awesome!

Good NEW rap? No such thing. Phone Post 3.0


Rejjie Snow Phone Post 3.0

AOTP Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, fuck, yeah.

earl sweatshirt Phone Post 3.0

Lt. Iceman Kazansky - AOTP Phone Post 3.0
This. The Palmer squares. Q tip and busta just released a mixtape together that's actually killer Phone Post 3.0

Joey Bada$$- Unorthodox
^ especially if you like Nas.
Action Bronson- Strictly 4 my jeeps
^ if you like Ghostface Killah Phone Post 3.0

Brotha Lynch Hung off of Strange music is also decent. If you're into Horror Core. Phone Post 3.0


Run The Jewels by Killer Mike and El-P

XXX by Danny Brown

Hell Hath No Fury by Clipse

The Money Store by Death Grips

I've been listening to these two a lot lately.

Hopsin's new album "Knock Madness"
Pusha T's album "My Name Is My Name" Phone Post 3.0

tears for lube - RA the rugged mans new album is pretty good Phone Post 3.0

Some next level shit for sure.

Cheers guys will check them all out Phone Post 3.0