Recommended post weighin meals?

I have a fight on Saturday. Weighins are Friday. This will be my 2nd amateur fight at 170 pounds. 0-0-1 so undefeated haha. Last time I dieted all the way down and actually weighed in at 166 (their scale was lighter than mine... I weighed 169 on my scale...)

This time i'm waking up between 174-175 this week and losing 4-5 pounds the day of. I want to improve the process and would like to know what you would recommend for a day before weighin eating schedule.

My plan right now is to drink water and pedialyte along with an almond butter/banana sandwich on rye bread util about two hours after weighins. Then eat some whole wheat pasta and chicken after that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Phone Post

Coconut water, bananas and other fruit after weigh ins and try to drink at least 0,5 liters of water every half hour (if you can handle more, go for it). I heard good things about pizza and i saw some fighters eating it and drinking some pepsi an hour or two after weigh ins (probably after they started their metabolism again).

Just make sure you get rehydrated asap and eat some fruit to get sugar levels to normal again.

After you did post weigh in work, then some pasta with chicken, vegetables and drink enough water.

Next day, well eat and drink what you usually do on training days that makes you feel good while working out, don't change that routine, it worked for me.

Different athletes have different routines, it's all trial and error.

Almost everyone I know eats a lot of whole wheat pasta, healthy carbs Phone Post

I like sports drink + fresh fruits (oranges, strawberries, bananas) initially right after weigh in. Then I'll add some protein and light carbs and veges.

Thanks everybody!