Recommended Protein for kids

does anyone know the recommended amount of protein for an 8-10yr old child. i know several families supplementing their childs diet with protein shakes. I was just looking for a number to stay within.

Thanks in advance !

Good question.


I try to ensure my son gets 50-60g of protein a day. He's only 5, but he weighs 62lb, so he's probably about the same size as an older kid. I'd say 50-60g or around .8g per lb above 75lb.

The only person I've seen make real recommendations on this is Barry Sears and I extrapolated this from his writings.

Also, don't think I'm a pedantic monster with my son. He eats 4 well balanced meals per day, with the family. The same as other kids. Other than that, he eats like a normal kid.

Barry Sears just says that kids need similar protein requirements as adults, based on their activity level and size.

If a kid is extremely active, go with 1g/pound. At the worst case, your over stocking his/her diet with healthy protein instead of chips and pop like some parents.

thanks for all the replies !

too much will hurt one's kidney's if they have a pre-existing kidney condition. Besides, do you think a fucking 5 year old would or could eat 300 grams of protein? 3 lbs of steak? I don't.

The protein-kidney argument is old. Let it go.