recommended reading?

The book list question comes up periodically. I looked for it in the Archives and couldn't find it.I suggest that this thread be archived, please, for further reference.Happy holidays, allRS

Have you read the sequel to The Power of One?
It's called Tandia--a very good book. Highly
recomended. The author also has another book
called April Fools Day--about the death of his son
that was pretty amazing.

On Killing LTC (RET) Dave Grossman

First Things First - Stephen Covey

Zen Combat Jay Gluck

The Karate Dojo Peter Urban

Mastery George Leonard

The Warrior Code Nitobe

We Were Soldiers Once,...and Young Harold Moore

These books apparently aren't on the book list, but in the "Controlling the Blade" tape, Tony quotes Bob Lee Swagger, the hero of several of Stephen Hunter's series of thrillers about a retired Marine sniper. All of those books, especially "Point of Impact," are a lot of fun, they have some serious ass-whuppin. You can read the reviews at

The Richard Marcinko books, while sometimes a little over the top, definitely talk about the "warrior mindset."

The Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee

Mindhunter, Journey Into Darkness, Obsession, and other books by John Douglas (FBI profiler) give great insights into the more demented predators.

There are others but that's all I can think of this late at night...

I just re-read Strong on Defense. Good book.

Living the Martial Way.

Ender's Game (Sci-fi, but awesome insights into the
warrior mindset).

Gates of Fire (Historical fiction, but again...all
about being a warrior).

I know there's more, but I'm tired, and can't think
of anything else.


I really enjoyed 'The Gift of Fear'. Good times. (even though you already know of that book, just a comment. :D )



The fence by Geoff Thompson(although the video is better)

Anyone have a copy of my book list?


Here's the list of books Tony recommended

Gift of Fear
Feel the Fear & DO it Anyway
The Power of One
Living the Martial Way
Musashi: The Novel
The Dragon Doesn't Live Hear Anymore
The Drama of the Gifted Child
Prodigal Soldier
Killing Zone
The Patton Papers
The Making of a Martial Artist
Zen & Japanese Culture
Childhood's End
Three Pillars of Zen
The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
Ender's Game
The Mind of a Serial Killer
The Thin Grey Line
Anatomy of Courage
Kazan: A Life
The Life & Times of Albert Einstein
You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought
Seeds of Greatness
Sharpening the Warrior's Edge
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Unlimited Power
The Martial Reader
Colin Powel's Autobiography

Sorry for the run-on!!!! Hope this is more legible.

Here's the list of books Tony recommended

Gift of Fear,
Feel the Fear & DO it Anyway,
The Power of One,
Living the Martial Way,
Musashi: The Novel,
The Dragon Doesn't Live Hear Anymore,
The Drama of the Gifted Child,
Prodigal Soldier,
Killing Zone,
The Patton Papers,
The Making of a Martial Artist,
Zen & Japanese Culture,
Childhood's End,
Three Pillars of Zen,
The Way of the Peaceful Warrior,
Ender's Game,
The Mind of a Serial Killer,
The Thin Grey Line,
Anatomy of Courage,
Kazan: A Life,
The Life & Times of Albert Einstein,
You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought,
Seeds of Greatness,
Sharpening the Warrior's Edge,
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,
Unlimited Power,
The Martial Reader,
Colin Powel's Autobiography,


A while back you guys recommended a great
book called "The gift of fear." Any other
material you can recommend?


My other favourite is Sanford Strong's "Strong On Defense". And there's been a lot of buzz here about Steve Collins' book, Think/Act/Stay Safe with the REACT Approach or something like that. It has a section on SPEAR, and is one of the better self-defense books overall.

A lot of the books which try to be comprehensive are not so good--they just recycle long lists of safety tips unthinkingly, (Duh, never wear high heels or hoop earrings, always park directly under a street lamp) then go into a collection of grab releases and such. Good books tend to be written by folks in psych or LE like Blauer, DeBecker, and Strong who say hey, I think I've got a few important and insightful ideas about self-defense, here they are.

My 2c.

Thanks guys, but we need some commas!
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