Recommended Thai Training Camps??

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Hello everyone,

A friend of mine and I will be going to Thailand in late January for about 20 days to a month. We are looking for a Thai camp to train and live in. I've heard about Lanna and a couple on Phuket (I've also heard to avoid the south now). We are not necessarily looking for a gym catering to foreigners only.

I will have a fight when I return so I'd like to get in some good training and learn a lot. My friend will most likely be fighting over there. Any recommendations or general tips on camps?

Any general info regarding taking a training trip to thailand will also be appreciated.




Fairtex No.1


any reasons as to why guys? We aren't really looking for a touristy camp.


Look Bro, when it comes to training, I would recommend that you check out Sityodtong or Fairtex. There are some others, but their names escape me.

At Fairtex, the training is top of the line. Just because it has the "Big" name, don't think that it touristy!

Have fun!


I heard that Fairtex is one of the most farang friendly.


Sityodtong in Pattaya is one of the best. Kaewsamrit is very good and hardcore as well.

Some info at

Good luck.

Hey Chad, I dont know exactly where it is, but some guys I know went to the united muay thai council(I think that's it) There was a couple guys there getting ready for K-1 and local fights. they also all had fights before they left. They plan on going back, so they must have done something right. Victor

thx victor... hope all is going well for you mang.


Can't complain. Any MMA coming up for you after you get back?

OH,I thing the United muay thai council is in Koh Samui(sp)

ya i should be fighting mma in early march when i get back, and more consistently afterwards.

BSF, you should come too, no grappling.


TTT for Chad!!


I trained at the WMC camp in Koh Samui for three weeks last January, and had the time of my life & learned tons. I plan on going back in Dec 05 to fight (they always made appropriate match-ups & set many fights up on a week or two notice). Although I had a great experience, I do not mean to imply that it is any better than other camps. I have heard, for example, that the training at Sityodtong is much more serious than at the WMC, with more dedicated fighters (not as many tourists). In addition to the above, I have heard great things about Sasiprapa, Lanna,Kaewsamrit and Fairtex.

One comment about Thailand, which I believe has been said here before, but there are three types of camps in Thailand:

  1. Those that only cater to tourists
  2. Those where only the local boys train
  3. Camps that have a mixture of both. (The WMC Camp)

It is my opinion, the third is the best type of camp. Why? They have experience training foreigners, and usually have someone who speaks a bit of English. Also, you have other foreigners to hang out with when you are not training (as well as discuss techniques). Lastly, they have local boys that fight, and so you know what they are teaching is used by active fighters. Camps where the local boy's train are very good as well, but if you are not fighting for the camp they are unlikely to pay you attention. That being said, I have heard if you fight for a camp, the trainers will invest considerably more time with you. Another suggestion is to take as many privates as possible, as it is cheap and they will address specific questions for you (in addition to developing a relationship with a trainer and show them that you are serious). ..Oh and some other advice: pack only the bare essentials, as everything is dirt-cheap over there and you will need room to bring it all home.

Whatever you decide to do, please post a review of the camp when you return.


Hoffa thanks for the great feedback, sounds real good.... I'll look into all that.


Hoffa, is that the camp that has the really nice accomodations, including a hotel on/near phuket beach? How nice are the accomodations?




WMC is on the island of Koh Samui (Phuket is located on a peninsula). Koh Samui is not as built up as Phuket, and not as expensive either. I stayed in the deluxe accommodations (a teak bungalow overlooking the jungle & beach) with a private shower/ bathroom, a refrigerator, satellite TV, maid service, AC, and two beds. It was much nicer than I expected. I paid $585 for three weeks of training, accommodation, and all of my training equipment. You can get the basics (a small room with a fan) for a little more than $150 a month.

I talked to someone at the camp who trained in Phuket, said that he didn't think much of the training and ended back at WMC. Where that was I don't know, but all in all it would be hard for me to imagine having a bad experience in Thailand training Muay Thai.