record driectly to hard drive

I got a HVX 200, a mac book with final cut, a 250 gig external

I plugged in the camera with fire what do I do to allow final cut
to capture footage live at 720

I would suggest reading through this PDF FCP and the HVX200

thats pretty cool but it just talks about the P2 card, which I don't have...I
think however there is a way to record 720P to the hard drive driectly

I got this figured out by the way and it is sweet

Has your MacBook have any trouble running FCP?

I noticed that MacBook wasn't listed under the FCP qualified requirements, though I've read people have no problem using MB for FCP.

I've had no problem with FCP or compresser or soundtrak...but motion
always crashes

Motion is a Video RAM hog but a great program.