Record television to video file for editing?

What is the best/easiest/fairly cheap way to do this?

Ideally something that isn't a motherboard card and either doesn't need a computer at all or just plugs in through USB.

I need to record a single 3-4 hour show and have it in a video format so I can save it and perhaps edit it later.

The video will be coming out of a cable box and goes to tv through hdmi, the cable box also has component connections. There is a desktop available also that just has video connected from the video card to one of the input ports of the tv.

The show will be in HD so I'd like to capture it in fairly high quality. As far as I know I only need it for this one airing so I don't necessarilly spend a lot on something I won't need later.

Any advice or products on Amazon as suggestions would be great.


Elgato HD60.

It's what most of the streamers on YouTube and Twitch use to capture their game footage via HDMI from consoles/PC.


Tronsmart Pavo M9 allows you to record off of HDMI.