Recording of surrounded Russian units - Grozny

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"Stop whining." OMFG Phone Post

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Thank Christ I was able to get out in time. i have mixed feelings watching this video. At the end of it all, my hometown was left in rubble.

Was weird when he told them to take some Chechnyan families hostage. I mean, I know they did it, just weird to hear that.

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So that unit died? Phone Post 3.0

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The video/audio is supposedly from Russian troops who were surrounded in Grozny in 1996

The Battle for Height 776 happened a few years later

TryhardNobody - is that the one where the 14 guys got their heads cut off on video?

That was Dagestan I think Phone Post

Video sounds like they are being surrounded in an urban setting with buildings and civilians, not on a hill around a gorge. The choppers coming within 300 meters but not assisting sounds familiar though.

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Phuckles - "Stop whining." OMFG Phone Post
I thought the same thing. You're completely surrounded, losing men left, right and centre with no back-up and you get told to stop whining while you're begging for help. Crazy. Phone Post 3.0

Crazy how at the end, he just says "Thank you, we'll figure it out"

Reminds me of one of those Malcolm Gladwell books, where he talks about how there are so many more plane crashes amongst Asian contries, because of their culture of deferring to authority. Like, if a pilot radios that he needs to land and is told 10 more minutes, he wont argue as much as a western pilot even if he's not sure he has 10 minutes of fuel (nutshell).

Is the word 'please' ever used in US military? This russian guy sounds like he was asking his dad to borrow the car, not radioing for back up. (And the dad basically told him to go fuck himself and carjack someone)


They display the characteristic Russian disdain for human life (even of their own soldiers).

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Another Grozny video -from the first Chechen War