Recover bad sectors?

I have two drives in my computer. A 60 gig I use for my OS and Programs, and a 250 gig Maxtor I use for storage. Well I was defragging my 250 gig yesterday and my dorm lost power for a few seconds, turning my computer off. I now have 100 gigs of bad sectors on a drive I just bought this summer. Is there some way I can easily recover these bad sectors?


get ahold of ... well lets say.... an EVAL.. version of the winternals disk commander.. it rocks..

Ill look for it. My problem now is that when I try to do any kind of recovery, the 60 isnt big enough to move everything from the 250 to.

This is what I am going to try and do.

1) Delete anything I can do with losing.

2) Defrag.

3) Resize the partition with partition magic to make it as small as possible.

4) Move the data I need to the new partition.

5) Format the original partition.

6) Hope it all works

I lost a lot of files, saved some. I deleted the Linux partition that was on my 60. Resized it and moved stuff from my 250 to it. Deleted the partition, recreated it. Still has 70 gigs of supposed bad sectors...running a scandisk on them now.

So I have a blank hard drive with 70 gigs of bad sectors... is there a quick and easy way to recover them?