Recovery aids, or patience? :-P

There's so much stuff I want to try when school starts again, I'll have access to a decent gym, olympic size pool, good level open field with soccer goals for pull ups, even a sand volleyball court (you never know).

Ryno has gotten me pumped about Westside, but I never got to make any sandbags over Christmas break so I want to do that too, and the pool workout thread looked sweet. Man. I guess I should just train a minimum of 7 days a week. Either that or just wait lol

Realistically, I'm thinking about going through the 9-week beginning Westside prgram, then decide where to go from there. Anyone want to do so much stuff they don't have time? This forum is awesome. I'm glad I'm only 20 years old, I've got plenty of time to try all this stuff.

Westside. GFH.

You can use the pool and sandbags for GPP.

But yeah you're right.. you're only 20. You have plenty of time. But I have a feeling once you get going with WS, and understand how it works.. You'll use a variation of conjugate training forever. Doesn't necessarily have to be powerlifting, but the science behind Louie's style is pretty genious (yet simple as hell).

If you ever have Q's, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck.

I'd pick recovery or patience.