Recovery Drills

Last night, during a private, we had an amazing training session emphasizing BTS 'recovery' principles.

We started with CQF refinement and then began doing 'intentional missing' with each tool to look at Murphy Moments and recovery options.

This led to a number of single arm tool isolation drills emphasizing CWCT with applications to weapon control, winning the CQ fight while injured, etc.

In retrospect, it was a fascinating night and left me thinking about the vast differences between training to fight and training to survive.

Recovery, Recover-ability, Murphy Moments, Weathering the Ambush...

As always Tony, thanks for your commitment to opening everyone's eyes.


O.K. I'm jealous.

Thanks Eric for sparking some visuals that will help me to become more aware while training. I look forward to training with you again, soon!



Great stuff. We are having a session tonight and I'm going to give this a try.

Thanks for the idea.

Hope to see you soon.

Mike Suyematsu


Great to hear from you! I hope you enjoy the session tonight... And for clarification's sake, Tony actually wrote on this a loooong time ago in the PDR Manual. This is just another application of those ideas.

For your session, one thing to think on, is the 'why' of the miss. We framed most of our drills yesterday to inspire the bad guy to flinch/duck/etc by telegraphing the tool. This kept the replication level very 'real'.

Tristan... I'm aching for some hot weather my friend! Hope to see you very soon.



I read you loud and clear about the PDR Manual. It's amazing how Tony has constucted a blueprint that teaches and inspires on so many levels...

It truly is a modern day Book of Five Rings.

Thanks for the tips Eric!

Take Care,


Great Book.

Awesome, ideas.

Thanks for the share Dr. Cobb.