Recruiter Question

If things don't work out for me at my current job, I am thinking of joining the Army. My question is, I have a recurring knee injury from a ligament tear I got in training a few years ago, and I was wondering if that would be the kind of thing that might make me undesirable from a recruiter's point of view?

I'm way above average on all my tests and stuff, and I have talked to recruiters in the past, but not since the injury, so that's why i was asking. I'd like infantry or something similar if at all possible, so i could see where it might be a concern

A friend of mine joined the Navy a couple years before I did, and had his knee scoped before he joined. He was supposed to wear a knee brace whenever he did anything strenuous(dr.'s orders), so they allowed him to bring it to boot camp with him.

Granted, Army and Navy boot camps are two entirely different worlds(after instructor duty at Navy RTC for 3 years, the closest thing I can equate it to is summer camp). But it might be worth mentioning to a recruiter.

well it doesn't usually bother me, but running does get to it if i dont' give it enough rest. so i think active duty would be ok, but boot camp was what i was worried about

You should ask noshame about the knee thing. I believe he blew his knee out few years ago and he's now a 1stLt. I don't about army basic training but you don't want to get injured at Marine boot camp and end up there longer recovering from an injury.

jason hornbuckle,

When you see the Army recruiter, tell him about your knee. You will provide him the medical documents and he'll give them to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). The CMO will read them and then give you a physical. You will either:

a. pass and gets what's known as an A-1 profile (fit to enlist)

b. Permanently Disqualified; recommend a waiver by the service (ie the Army Recruiting Command Surgeon can override the MEPS CMO).

c. Permanently Disqualified; service waiver dissapproved.

I've attached a good sight for you to research. Check it out.

What state are you from?

Major Bob

thanks major Bob. I'm from GA.