Red & Black Belt Marcus Soares Seminar in Kelowna

on a budget of $55MM, it's grossed $313MM domestic, $958MM world wide in just over a month (38 days).

TTT next stop MEXICO :)

We had a great seminar with Master Soares today and also had some of our students graded as well. I'm excited to have a new purple belt and 4 new blue belts promoted in our club. With a host of stripes added to various belts.
Everyone keep training hard as we'll be bringing Master Soares back in late August or early September.

Master Soares mention his upcoming trip to Mark Stables club in Mexico and it sound like a great time. I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Sean McHugh
First Strike Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Thanks Sean, We are all looking forward to having Marcus Visit.
Can't wait to see what new diabolical stuff he has dreamed up.