Red Bull + Vodka? TME

So who drinks this?

I'm not a Red Bull fan (fuck the whole "it doesn't give me wings", so I'm mixing it with Monster Absolutely Zero.  Roughly 2.5 shots of 80 proof to 1/2 can of Monster.  About to finish my 2nd glass, which would be 5 full shots and a full can of Monster.  Haven't eaten much.

Am feeling pretty decent / happy, but thought I was gonna be more buzzed than I am right now. 

Does anyone else drink this kinda stuff?  Is it gonna sneak up on me?  Does the energy drink cancel out the booze somehow?  Am I more drunk than I think I am?  (I feel like I've had about 3 beers so far.)


Oh and for your troubles:

Oh to hell with that last fail...shitballs, son.

Red bull vodka = someone is gonna get punched in the face.

That was the rule in college Phone Post 3.0

I love this. Can get wasted without getting sloppy


You're on your way to blacking out. Phone Post 3.0

Red bull and booze makes me do stupid shit. Every time. Phone Post 3.0

It's my drink of choice stolli or goose and redbull. Also redbull is way better than monster or any other to mix with... After a few I switch to vodka cranberry. I do a little coke not Pepsi on special occasions like a all day pool party and clubbing into the night. Smashed a couple broads last month @ such event good times bro

Drink lots of h2o like every other drink pound water

I don't party much but when I do I hit it hard.
Redbull and vodka (good vodka) es good

Is this going to be in the supplements section of the "FORGE" program?

Kroger39 - Is this going to be in the supplements section of the "FORGE" program?


It damn well might

(You know that whole 80/20 type of thing where you "get shit right most of the time"...)

Red bull and Jaegermeister Phone Post 3.0

Nevermind. I tried but noone really wanted to cooperate. So fuck it.

I'm pretty sure they caffeine does have a cancelling out effect.

Something about passing out being the bodies natural shutdown to prevent over consumption and red bull and shut like it allowing people to continue drinking more.

Read that somewhere.

Have fun!

I like drinking that shit. Phone Post 3.0

My go to drinks are Monster/Vodka (or redbull)

White Russian

Old Fashioned

Redds Hard Apple Cider


to me, red bull and vodka just seems like a nasty would make me a groggy jittery zombie tbh..alcohol hasnt worked for me in years though..

many swore on the red bull/vodka combo years back...

Ok I just poured my 4th glass.

It's like 2nd half of a can of Monster Absolutely Zero?

And I think...shots 7.5-9?

It's great Phone Post 3.0

Vodka (diet) Red Bull is mine and my wife's drink. We have them frequently, and they halped us complete the remodel of our house.



Nothing like severe dehydration induced hallucinations

I like red bull and vodka. My drink of choice is cranberry juice and vodka. Try the flavored red bulls. The cran bull and vodka is great. Though after to many things may get weird. Be careful fren. Goodluck Phone Post 3.0