Red dot recommendation?

This is kind of a weird scenario but I need a red dot for an M4 air rifle for use in a mixed reality simulation.

It needs to not be filtered - just glass and dot as people will be looking through a mixed reality head set and any coloring of the glass will be problematic.

Whatchu guys think?

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Might help if you said what your budget was

Bushnell TRS-25

Green dot won’t work?

I would give a used Holosun a shot. You could re-sell it pretty soon after if you needed to recoup the money.

Almost all with have some amount of coating on the lens and distort the colors somewhat. The more expensive the glass the less that will be an issue.

You might think about a holographic weapons sight like a eotech or vortex uh1. I bet that would work better in that application.

Otherwise an aimpoint PRO or the new Duty are quality items with decent glass and an insane battery life.

If that’s still too much I’d look at Primary Arms offerings.

Rather than a sight you could also maybe consider a powerful laser like a peq depending on what you are doing.

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Sightmark Wolverines are the best bang for your buck red dots. I use one on my work rifle and it’s held zero for years. I have several others on personal guns and they work flawlessly. Use a AA battery, easy to find and replace. Ruggedized rubber exterior and simple controls. I prefer the smaller FSR size.