Red Line VS Funaro

Red Lines last ammy fight against James Funaro.

it seems like that ref should have been a little more decisive. strange ending.

 NJ changed the ammy rules. Old rules 2009, you could not follow a downed fighter to the ground. He'd get a standing 8 count. They changed them in 2010 that you can follow a downed fighter to the mat. Most rookie ammy fighters when they get a knockdown they rush to follow the guy down. It then switches to a bjj or wrestling match. The hurt fighter recovers and the tempo of the fight changes.

We told Red Line that if he got a knockdown to NOT follow Funaro down. So Red Line kept letting Funaro stand.....

At that point thinks get crazy.

 That was the worst ref job I have seen in a while but it doesn't surprise me. Often, the NJ ammy refs are awful and get people hurt or affect the outcome in a negative way. 

 Funaro showed TREMENDOUS heart in trying to keep getting up.

 I was doing the commentary along with the Garv in that matchup and I would have liked to seen the ref stop it earlier. It was obvious James was hurt and I believe he has a great future ahead of him. No sense getting hurt over an amateur fight.

 For sure Funaro is a stud....and a little bit crazy I think.