Some of you guys have been praying with me for a little girl with cystic fibrosis in St. Louis named Sondra and her dad Bill. This morning she went into surgery for the LUNG TRANSPLANT! (2/16/04) She's under the knife as I type this, and I don't know much about this but the way I read it from Bill it will either save her life or kill her (as in, the operation won't work or her body will reject the transplant). Please, please pray for me that the operation will be a success and that her body will accept the transplant, and for the strength of her family and friends.

Thank you.



ttt, please.

my thoughts

Got word from her family. They did the surgery and it seems to have gone well. Keep praying please!

God bless her.

Sorry, just read Jesus name!

good to hear

Lord, please guide and bless the medical personel. And let her body accept the transplant.



The surgery went well and the body seems to be doing well. I have an e-mail from Bill that says in part, "She is doing very well. At this point but the next few days and weeks will tell."

Thank you, Lord! Thanks for praying, guys.

Just said a prayer for her, bro!

Just prayed!

my prayers for the girl and her family