Red Sox have become the Yankees.

Damn, another big market, media pet, only as good as they're payroll, moneyball team. Now every year for who knows how long it's going to be about the Sox and Yanks both trying to buy their way into the WS. This year the Sox spent more money on pitching so they won, next year the yanks will spend more in that area. Damn, thinking about it, the Yanks and Red Sox have the whole MLB as they're farm league. It's funny to how red sox fans always talk shit about the yanks buying teams but thats how they beat the yanks.


Just for the record, 60+ million seperates the Sox and Yanks payrolls. That's more or the same as seperates the Sox with the some of the stingiest small market clubs. I agree 100% there needs to be a cap in order for more parity, but I think that gives perspective. Especially next year, the Yanks are just on a completely different level as everybody else.

there should be a 100m cap in baseball if not a lil lower

the yanks payroll is 47% higher than the sox, the sox payroll was driven by the old douquette contracts

as those ones run out you'll see sox teams right around 90-100m

it needs to start at 110 drop about 4 million for the next 4-5 years after that before increasing with inflation!

they also need to create a minor league cap as well to stop the large signing bonuses