Red Sox vs Yankees most anticipated playoff game

Got done what Bogaerts couldnt last inning

Is it really over? Safe no replay?


Let’s go white Sox

At “Guaranteed Rate” Field

It should be illegal for banks to name pro sports stadiums

If im ever elected President, thats my day 1 agenda

after that win i go channel surfing and field of dreams is just getting started… well i know what im doing for the next 90 minutes lol

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I’ve watched the final sac fly over and over on YouTube. I’ve never seen a ball get hit like that, sound and angle, and not at least hit wall

Frate train of destiny

Man, i know they have good players, but to me the Rays are always just a team of nobodies lol.

Who Play in the worst stadium in major league baseball

Yeah, looked like a monster ball off the bat

Waiting for the next round of Gritty reverse-jinxes.
Don’t let me down kid.

Houston A-Holes

Need that ‘18 magic again

God are they loaded with assholes

Fuck the Yankees, Astros will destroy the Red Sox.

At least We don’t have to look at tweaker eyes George Springer anymore

Fucking double plays

Plenty of base runners so far, dps are killing them

Not even watching. Gonna go for walk the. Watch blue bloods

Theyve had 4 base runners in 2 innings and got nothing out of it because of 2 dp balls


hmm i really should learn how to do that little squiggle thing over the e…

Kike is a man possessed

Multiple Run saving diving catch, followed by a dinger

Dudes hitting like .900 in the playoffs lol